Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wow! Our time together flew by!

Devin took an earlier flight than excepted so he got here Thursday afternoon. He met Hardy for the first time and fell in love with his easy-going, calm nature. Kristen, Sean and Soapy arrived that evening so the canine "cousins" had plenty of time to play. Hardy and Soapy behaved beautifully with each other and all three got along without any problems. Laurel did turn into the "fun police" and it was obvious that Soapy's "puppy license" with her expired while he was away. Soapy doesn't read older dog's social cues very well but Laurel is pretty persistent so she kept after him. Even with 7 adult humans and 3 dogs in our family room, Laurel, Hardy and Soapy were so well behaved that no one got run out of the room.
Yesterday was a wonderful day! Kristen and Sean took Soapy to see Kate Hornick, a veterinarian and friend who also owns Maynard, Soapy's dad. She was very pleased with how he is doing and gave him a clean bill of health. Everyone worked together to create an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. We made our traditional mushroom stuffing and my Mom & Ron brought some wonderful vegetables from their garden. Sean made a delicious pumpkin pie and we got  apple and rhubarb ones from Patterson's Orchard. We were so into it being Thanksgiving that we were surprised that other people weren't celebrating the holiday! It was wonderful to have almost our entire family (sadly, Anthony was missing) together!
This morning, Sean, Kristen and Soapy left to drive to Sean's family on Long Island. Devin, Brent and I are currently watching the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. We need to start packing though because we'll be dropping Devin off at the airport at about 4:00 and then heading to a hotel in Elyria, in preparation for competing tomorrow at the C-WAGS trial in Vermilion. 
Since Soapy left, Laurel and Hardy have been sleeping - it was a big couple days for them! 

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