Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The Labs, Brent and I had a great Halloween! Yesterday, we were sorry to see Kristen, Sean and Soapy leave but we'd had a great time together and knew Sean wanted to see his family as much as we'd wanted to see Kristen! Yesterday afternoon, we dropped Devin off at the airport to get home in time for school and NYC Ballet rehearsals starting again Tuesday. Then we headed to the hotel in Elyria to spend the night before the C-WAGS Obedience trial today in Vermilion. It was Hardy's first hotel visit and all things considered, he did pretty well. He didn't really get the whole "lounge around on the huge bed together" thing and wanted to investigate every inch of the suite. We weren't excited about that so he did spend some extra time in his crate. 
We arrived at Canine Sports to discover that the mats would roll some under my chair but I didn't think it would be too bad. Laurel and I needed one more Q to complete our Obedience Level 1 championship - C-WAGS Obedience Ace Level 1 (CW-OAL1). We did that in our first Level 1 class with a perfect score (100/100) and first place. In order to show it wasn't a fluke, Laurel repeated that score and placement in the second Level 1 class. At the beginning of our first Level 2 class, Laurel alerted for severe muscle spasms. I should have listened to her and asked to be excused in order to take my meds but I didn't. Laurel went from concerned to anxious to annoyed and it didn't go well. She didn't want to be any distance away from me so we NQ'd one of the distance exercises. Hopefully, next time, I'll remember to do the right thing! After taking my medications, I decided to try Level 2 again, and we placed first with a 95 and Laurel seems to have recovered from my screw-up. 
Hardy was good as gold (and better)! He lounged around quietly in his crate and came out to do a bit of work and visiting. I'm sure I'm repeating myself when I say, "he is so easy!" 
We got home at about 3:30, in time to hand out candy! After her successful day, Laurel lounged on the bed while Hardy got to dress up in his shark (Lab Shark) costume and watch the kids in their costumes coming to the door and asking for candy. He loved it - well, maybe not the costume so much but watching the kids, for sure! None of the costumes bothered him and he didn't mind everyone coming to the door! 
When "trick or treating" was over, we all watched Rocky Horror Picture Show together (although some of us slept through parts). All in all, we had a great "Thanksgiving"/Halloween weekend!

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