Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another weekend, another dog trial

As my husband, Brent, likes to say, "all dogs, all the time" ... and I must admit that looking at our schedule until the end of the year, I'm having trouble disagreeing with him (well, and of course, there was my and the Labs' summer in Canada!)
Yesterday, we loaded up everyone and headed to the Medina Red Roof Inn by way of Mike Pruitt Honda in Akron, hoping to get the locks and alarm fixed. Wednesday, they said it was the fuse box (something not covered by the extended warranty, of course) so they ordered the part and installed it while we waited yesterday. Since the van was all packed up with double decker crates and my wheelchair, we left the Labs in their crates. All went well except replacing the fuse box didn't fix the problem. Next week we'll have to take the van in for at least a day - until then, I will have to continue to crawl over the seats, the crate and my chair to manually lock and unlock the doors!
Next, we headed to the Outlet Shops at Lodi in hopes of finding some Geoffrey Beene dress shirts for Brent. The store was out of business so we got some Christmas presents at the Harry and David Store, feeling quite out of sorts about the shopping. Again, we left the Labs in the van while we ran in and back out pretty quickly.
Last stop of the day was the Red Roof Inn in Medina, about 15 minutes away from the C-WAGS trials today at the Medina Kennel Club. Laurel loves staying in hotels - Hardy's not there yet but hopefully he'll learn to appreciate them since we do so fairly regularly. 
Today, Fortunate Fido held their C-WAGS trials at a new place, the Medina Kennel Club. The classes being offered were limited but we competed in 2 classes each of Level 1 and Level 2 Obedience and Starter and Zoom 1 Rally. We Q'd in 7 of 8 classes, the NQ was in a Zoom rally class due to no change of pace between fast and normal. I didn't think that had happened and no one else saw it but that is what the judge saw. Oh, well, if so, that was big mistake on my part but Laurel did super. Apparently, today was Laurel's day to be "bridesmaid" since we came home with 1 first and 6 second place ribbons. All our scores were 92 and above, including a 99.5/100 (we lost a run off and got 2nd place). Laurel earned her Rally Starter Championship (ACE) title (CW-SRA) with our first run in Starter and in Level 2 Obedience, she did the most beautiful off-lead figure 8's ever! 
Hardy was great! He lounges around his crate beautifully and came out to say hello to people and to do various exercises. We're working on the APDT Level 1 signs - especially having Hardy not turn around to face me when I do the "go around dog" exercises. He's doing much better staying still and I also need to really work on the right finish because that is the most difficult. 
We got a photo with Anne Kiser, the judge we finished the ACE title under and also got a photo with Anne, Brent, Hardy and me since Hardy passed his AKC S.T.A.R. puppy test under her.

We got home by about 5:00 and discovered a couple inches of snow on the ground as we came up I-271. It has been snowing here all evening but tomorrow it's supposed to be 50 degrees. Hardy did have his first opportunity to investigate the white stuff but he'd like several more inches before he decides whether he really likes it or not. And tomorrow, everyone is just going to be muddy when they come inside!

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