Monday, November 8, 2010

We visited Dr. Neal today!

Today Laurel and Hardy went to see one of their favorite people, Dr. Neal Sivula. Hardy weighs 47.5 lbs now and Neal seemed very pleased with his weight and body condition. I brought Hardy in because I wanted Neal to check his bad breath. When I realized that the smell was coming from his mouth, I checked his teeth but couldn't find any problem. Neal determined that the smell was coming from his digestive system - which makes sense since he gets gas very easily. It started when we added different types of treats - cheese, salmon, turkey etc. We had added acidophilus, a probiotic to help his digestion but it doesn't seem to have worked. Neal suggested that we stop it and try a probiotic he gave us. I didn't think to ask him about whether he thought we should switch foods so I'll call or send an email.
Laurel weighs 59 lbs so Hardy is catching up with her. As a male and considering the size of his dad, we are expecting him to grow up to be larger than her but she still has some weight on him to boss him around with. Neal checked over Laurel's structure and did a chiropractic adjustment/massage for her. She loves him and it is fun to watch her turn into a relaxed puddle under his touch. It was a wonderful, positive experience at the doctor for both of them!

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