Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jack came over to take some more photos!

Jack Powers, the photographer who took the great photo of Hardy on the front of this blog came over to take some more photos of our Labs this afternoon. I was hoping that this photo shoot would be somewhat easier than the last, when Hardy didn't know his name, much less the most basic cues. We set up the backdrop in our living room and took some photos of Laurel and Hardy individually with them up on a stool. Hardy kept laying down and Laurel acted like a model - she took instruction very well! We took some more shots of them together on the floor and then took photos by our fireplace. It's still hard work getting two dogs to cooperate so that both of them look good in a single photo but Jack does a wonderful job and I think he got some terrific shots! We're looking forward to seeing some proofs within a week or so!
This evening, Hardy and I attended our conformation class. We really enjoy it and Hardy is doing great with the movement parts. We're not working much right now on his stacking - we're asking him to stand still while someone examines him but we're not focusing on him doing this while in a perfect "stack". Eventually, we'll have to work on that because if I'm going to show him, he will have to be able to do a free stack (one that he puts himself into - I can't move each leg into the proper position). But since he is young and we won't be showing him until he is 2 years old, we don't have to push him while he is growing and uncoordinated. We have a terrific time together taking this class!
While we were getting ready to leave, Hardy started alerting for my muscle spasms. I showed him that I took my medications and watched him relax. He has stayed close to me all evening, showing similar behavior to what Laurel does in the same situation. And for me, the most interesting thing has been Laurel's reaction. When we got home, she checked me over and it was obvious that she knew what was happening but Hardy was right there and she relaxed, didn't get involved and hasn't been worried. This is the first time that I feel like having two alerting dogs might actually mean that each of them has time off and isn't always working! That would be really wonderful!

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