Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hardy and I spend a couple hours at the Honda place

Hardy went with me when I took my van down to the Honda dealership in Akron (about an hour away) so that they could fix the problem with the locks and alarm. Hardy went there when he was about 9 weeks old when I was having the same problem. After several visits in June, the problem resolved itself although it's obvious now that it wasn't actually fixed. 
When we got there, all the service people came by to say hello and comment on how much he has grown. He had on his vest but when people asked if they could pet him, I told him to "go say hello". This is the part that is so much easier for him than Laurel. He likes people but he is not nearly as enthusiastic about it as she. I made an interesting observation while sitting in the waiting room. I don't have a patch on Hardy's vest that tells people not to pet him. I do on Laurel's and based on how many people ignore it, didn't think it actually worked. However, while we were in the waiting room, every other person there, at one time or another, came over to talk and pet Hardy. Usually, people are polite and ask first but every once in awhile, there is someone who has no personal boundaries and just won't act appropriately! We were lucky - everyone was very good with both saying hello to Hardy and then ignoring him. For his part, Hardy did very well. He asked quietly and politely when he needed to go out and actually fell asleep while we were waiting. We got to practice going in and out commercial doors, going into a restroom stall together and finding a place where he is out of the way in the waiting area. We did have to move at one point because we were being stalked by a millipede - Hardy really wanted to play with him and although I don't know for a fact that eating one is poisonous, I decided it wasn't a good time to find that out. When we got home, Hardy told Laurel all about his hard day working and then took a long nap.

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