Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Been a Quiet Autumn So Far

Due to weather (cold & wet) and my infection not going away as quickly as I might wish, it's been a quiet (read boring) week around our house. When Laurel was Hardy's age (almost 6 months), I felt sorry for her when I was stuck in bed for some reason but then I realized that hanging out with me is part of my service dog's job and if she couldn't do it, she wasn't the right dog for the job. And to her credit, as enthusiastic and active as she is when we are doing things, she is great at lounging in bed with me. Now with Hardy, I don't even feel sorry for him - first, he has Laurel to bother and he can cuddle in bed with the best of them! 
Although we have been doing some light training, I've been sleeping quite a bit and laying around a lot so the dogs have been entertaining themselves, each other and me. Hardy's puppy license with Laurel (the get-out-of-jail free card - ability to do just about anything without having the adult dog correct you) is apparently one of the longest lasting ones ever. We've been expecting it to end anytime for the past several months but Laurel is just now beginning to let him know when he is annoying her too much. And although he is a smart little guy, he is also very persistent so he doesn't always take the hint and sometimes she really has to get after him. He is becoming a very nice young man to live with though and in fact, we often have everyone in the house in bed together (Brent, me, Laurel, Hardy and our two cats, Maggie and Millie) watching TV or reading.
Laurel, Hardy and I spent some of our time listening to any new, strange sounds and noises I could think of. Since one of the wonderful things that John Alexander at Dogs in the Park does with the puppy classes is to hand out a CD full of all sorts of sounds for us to play during feeding time, it wasn't easy to come up anything new but since I love bagpipes and pipe and drum bands, we listened to those for an afternoon and then we went on to gun shots and cannons, thunder etc. 
We made it to my Levels class Wednesday evening and Brent worked Hardy during it. They did a great job and almost all the students have now passed Level 1. I have to admit that I wasn't at my most dynamic and I went back to bed immediately after. We switched the type of antibiotic hoping I would get better with the change.
Yesterday, Brent took Hardy over to the AKC Puppy STAR class so that I could rest for awhile longer prior to helping out at the C-WAGS Run-thrus at Canine Affair in the afternoon. I was the pretend Obedience judge and ran Laurel through Starter and Advanced rally courses. She did super - she was so thrilled to see all her friends and happy to be working!
Hardy came in and visited a couple times. He has to think to sit when greeting people but I was very proud of him. There were some noisy and reactive dogs and he was very calm through it all. 
I'm still not feeling as well as I would hope so we spent 5 hours watching the World Equestrian Games from Kentucky today. I probably enjoyed it more than the Labs but there was enough action during some of the events that they were interested. 
I'm hopeful I'll feel better this week and we can get back to some serious training!

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  1. FWIW: Zachary's puppy license never expired with Beau. At 2.5 years old, he was still hanging off the big dogs ears.