Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Quiet Before the Storm

Sue Alexander and D'fer, her service dog, left first thing this morning for New York City and then Brent headed to Toledo for the day. I had an infusion and found out that my lung capacity is currently below 20%, which is low, even for me. I'm wheezing and it seems like I have chronic bronchitis so next week, we're doing a CAT scan and some other testing. It's nice to know the reason I've been feeling crappy and the doctors seem to think huge doses of antibiotics will help. I've spent the day encouraging the Labs to relax and take it easy ... Tomorrow, our son, Devin flies in from NYC and our daughter, Kristen, her boyfriend, Sean and their Pointer, Soapy (9 months old) arrive for a quick visit (after being in Alaska since April). We picked Soapy up from the breeders and he spent time with us as a very young puppy so he and Laurel are good friends but he has never met Hardy before. 
I taught my Levels class this evening. The more I work with other dogs and their handlers within the Levels program, the better I think it is suited for group classes. I ask each handler to think about and write out their own goals (with the understanding that they may change) since Levels allows each team to work within their own ability towards their own goals. It's been really terrific to see relationships between the handlers and their dogs grow and to watch the handlers get excited about those changes.

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