Monday, October 11, 2010

Big weekend at Canine Affair Center's C-WAGS Trials

This weekend we attended a C-WAGS trial at Canine Affair. Laurel and I competed, I was the C-WAGS Rep and on the trial committee. That made for some busy & long days but as always, it was tons of fun and great to see old friends and make some new ones. Brent took Hardy over to the AKC Puppy STAR class Saturday morning where they worked on "leave it" and loose leash walking before doing a little pre-agility - working around the equipment and going through jump standards without a bar and jumping onto the table on the floor. Then, they came and spent the rest of the weekend at the trials with Laurel and me. Hardy did a great job lounging quietly in his crate; coming out occasionally to meet and visit with people and to do some things with all the people, crates and dogs around. 
Obedience was on Saturday with Rally on Sunday and because until last week Laurel had been off since Labor Day due to the ruptured ligament in her foot, I wasn't sure what to expect with her. From the very first class, it was obvious that she was very happy to be back! She ended up Q'ing in all 10 classes with some nice placements - 4 firsts, 4 seconds and a third with half her scores 99 (out of 100) or higher! 
All in all, a great weekend! Heather always does a great job as trial secretary and general go-to-person! Mary and everyone else with Canine Affair have a lovely facility and are terrific hosts! And as always with C-WAGS, the competitors are supportive and encouraging to each other. When Laurel wasn't competing, she relaxed and slept in her crate and Hardy already has that skill. Laurel was thrilled to see all her friends again and it was fun to introduce Hardy to everyone. I was proud of them both!

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