Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hardy visits the bank

I needed to go to our local bank branch to make a deposit and instead of going through the drive-thru, I decided to take Hardy inside with me. He did well ignoring other people in the bank, including the nice person who held the doors open for us. Hardy just came through the doorway right behind my chair as I had requested he do. While I was working with the teller, I asked Hardy to lay down next to me and he did very well with that. Other than a bit of sniffing the mat on the way out, he did a great job!
Once we got home, we worked a bit on "floor Zen" in order to remind Hardy of the automatic leave-it idea. Obviously, we have to work through even a small amount of sniffing before we take him into a grocery store, for instance. Now that he has been promoted to "in training" from "candidate", I will find more opportunities to take him out for public access outings.

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