Friday, October 15, 2010

Hardy went home today ... to see his breeder!

And they say you can't go home again ... well, today, Hardy went home to see his breeder, Donna! Of course, it was raining when we got there so he couldn't play outside with his sister but we went inside Donna's house and had a lovely visit! I was so proud of him - he was very polite with Donna and with the adult dogs who were in the house. He was thrilled to find a bone to carry around (he doesn't get bones at our house because Laurel has a cracked tooth) but when one of the adult dogs claimed it, he was very respectful. And, of course, she only wanted it because he had it. 
Below is a photo I took on a disposable camera of Hardy and his breeder, Donna Reece.
Donna said that he was beautiful and looked very good for a 6 month old. I asked about showing him in conformation and she said that she didn't see anything that would indicate he couldn't do that. She suggested we wait until he was two years old and more grown up. Then he could gain a bit of weight for the show ring without damaging him in anyway. 
I left a couple of Hardy's baby photos with Donna and she asked that I send her some digital copies so that she could put them on her website. It was a lovely visit and we'll plan the next one for a nice day so that Hardy can play with his sister!

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