Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to Cleveland again!

After a busy, fun-filled time at the Hillside Festival last weekend, Laurel and I headed back to Cleveland on Wednesday (July 28th). I had medical treatments on Thursday and Friday which went well. On Saturday we relaxed and Sunday we represented Lake Erie Assistance Dogs along with Canine Affair Center at Dog Days at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. We had a blast, a lot of people stopped by and the volunteers and staff at the Garden were incredible to work with. We will definitely plan to go back and do it again next summer.
Before I left Guelph, Sue and John gave me something to think about with regards to my future plans for Hardy. We are scheduled to all go home August 15th to spend some time with our son, Devin. Sue and John suggested that we leave Hardy behind for four weeks so that he could do some more puppy classes, loose leash walking and socialization with them in the continuing hope that having time away from me will help him avoid separation anxiety. He'll understand that I can come and go and that time away from me is no big deal. Part of me thinks that it is a very generous offer and the other part doesn't want to leave Hardy. I talked to Brent and Sue and thought hard about it. If there's a chance this is in Hardy's best interest and since I trust Sue to know that, I've decided to leave him until Labor Day (3 weeks).
See, I can eat my way down the stairs
and then up the stairs again!
While we were gone, on Thursday, Hardy went and met some little friends at a Guelph Museum. Although it didn't make it into the paper, a newspaper photographer took a great picture (which I can't show you because we don't have rights or permissions). Hardy has also been busy working on stairs, the proof of which Sue put on Facebook. And I've put a couple photos with this post.

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