Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hardy's either trying out his independence or has forgotten everything he's learned

Based on the report I received from Sue and John, Hardy doesn't seem to have had the most successful day yesterday. Either he is trying out his independence (and pushing the boundaries) or has forgotten everything he's ever learned. (Thankfully, I know this is a part of his development and he actually does know everything he learned!)
They took him to run errands dressed in his pretty yellow vest (that Sue made him) with a purple patch (that I provided because we have lots of things in purple). Uncle D'fer (Sue's service dog) went too . Suddenly, Hardy lost his brain and instead relied on his nose to find a peach mushed into the asphalt. John wouldn't let him move forward unless he was giving eye contact with a loose leash so Sue and D'fer went into the store, did their shopping and came back out before Hardy managed to almost make it to the entrance. 
Then they headed to the training hall where Hardy had the opportunity to practice taking turns some more. Uncle Eco got to practice his go outs; Uncle D'fer got to do some freestyle while the poor little brown puppy had to wait until the end of the evening for a chance to sit around being cute and eating treats with a bunch of people . Then he got a pig's ear, only all the people kept taking it away to look at it (to prevent resource guarding) so what fun is that?
On the up side though, he no longer needs the eye drops and all the goop is gone!

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