Monday, August 23, 2010

Hardy had another big day at Dogs in the Park

John posted this last night on Facebook:

"Hardy Update: Little chocolate lab enjoyed 2 Puppy Classes, followed by a great outdoor puppy walk with friends Brody, Gulliver, Lexie, Cooper, Akira, Cheyenne and Lacy! Then the little guy protested through the 7pm puppy class - telling us all how grossly unfair it was to not be his turn."

When I pointed out that with four hours of puppy class and puppy walk, Hardy should have been sound asleep at 7:00, John responded:

"Yes, you're absolutely right, Linda! And by staying in his crate during the 7pm class and sleeping through parts of it, Hardy is beginning to learn both how to take turns, and how to self regulate. BTW, he thoroughly impressed his classmates with a fantastic whistle recall from out of group play, in the lake and out of sight! He is one well trained and smart little pup!"

Since I did the homework after the Instant Recall workshop in July, and actually blew the whistle and then treated 50 times in one session each day for a week, I'm hoping that helped his ability to do such a great job with the recall!

I understand also that although his eyes are still somewhat goopy, they are getting better and don't seem to bother him at all!

Also, not that I'm counting but in 11 days, we'll see the little puddly in person again!

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