Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting ready to go home

Wow! After a really terrific summer here in Guelph, Ontario, Laurel and I are actually getting ready to go home. I have decidedly mixed feelings about leaving - of course, it's not easy to be leaving Hardy, even though I am convinced that is what's best for him; everyone here has been terrific and we have made some great friends; Sue and John have been so generous and have made me feel at home here and I feel very sad about leaving. On the other hand, of course, I am very excited about spending some time with our son, Devin and Brent and our cats; being home again; getting to see my mom and step-dad and our friends at home. It will be nice to be back in our home and in my adjustable bed. We took Hardy to get his rabies vaccination early in the week. According to the doctor, he looks great, seems very healthy and is growing nicely.
Brent will be here today in time to go see a friend do some herding practice with her Shelties and then to attend Hardy's last Thursday night puppy class  and graduation. In the meantime, I am spending extra time playing with my little brown boy and thinking about packing up everything.

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