Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heading back to life in Cleveland (and waiting for the little brown puppy to come home too)

Hardy and hand Zen

And now, floor Zen
We've had a couple busy wonderful days in Guelph and we're leaving first thing in the morning to head back to Ohio. We took Laurel and Hardy Thursday afternoon to Fergus to see our friend, Sharon practice herding with her Shelties. Hardy sat on my lap while we watched - he was very sure that he could chase the sheep and didn't seem to understand the finer points to herding. We headed back in time to make it to our last Thursday night puppy class and graduation. Hardy was a terrific little guy in class and passed Level 1 again. He did beautifully on the recall game and was very competitive in the down stay competition. Here are some photos from our last Thursday night puppy class.
Friday during the day, we got all packed up and ready to go and in the evening we attended Sue's seminar on dog play. Laurel and Hardy were featured in several of the videos so that was kind of fun! 
Hardy doing his down stay
Today, we attended a loose leash walking workshop all day. I handled Hardy and Brent worked with Laurel. We had a great time, although it was a very long, very hot day! Then we took Sue and John to our favorite restaurant, Fugi's, a great all-you-can-eat sushi place. First thing tomorrow morning, we head home.

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  1. Hardy still fits on your lap? He is huge ... well compared to the last time I saw him!