Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hardy had a big day today

Still chewing on those keys
Hardy's current favorite teething toys
Great to chew on - at any angle!
Can't get enough of these keys
Hardy with his new red bandanna for passing Level 1
Hardy considering jumping off the crate while trying on his new SD vest
Hardy in his new yellow SD vest
Right before the Levels class this evening, Sue suggested that I take Hardy and ask to have him tested on Level 1. Normally, puppies start Levels after completing puppy class so I hadn't expected to take him, much less be tested. Anyway, Hardy passed Level 1 easily and even managed to pass several behaviors in Level 2! On top of that, while we were doing that, Sue was finishing up a little yellow vest for him! We've been using a little green one which has gotten too small. Hardy has lost all his upper incisors and although he is pretty easy going, he has been a bit cranky and his teeth look very painful. Here are some photos of Hardy chewing on his current favorite toy, a set of teething keys; Hardy trying on his new vest and Hardy and me posing with his new red bandanna (for having pasted Level 1). 

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