Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brent's here for another busy weekend visit

Brent drove up from Toledo Thursday night (the 15th). It was great to see him and Hardy hadn't grown as much as he'd been afraid he would! Friday morning we took Laurel to Costco and Brent said it was great to see everyone's expressions of delight when they saw us walking through the store. Saturday, we attended the Instant Recall Workshop at Dogs in the Park. Brent worked with Hardy and I worked with Laurel. Brent and I had done a recall workshop with Laurel in Cleveland a couple years ago and decided to use a word instead of a whistle. Neither of us could remember what the word is, however, so we decided to go with the whistle this time around. Anyway, it was a great day with lots of fun and training! Laurel especially liked the part where she got to find me by using her nose! 

Yesterday was another busy day! Hardy had his puppy class at noon and then a new puppy class at 7:00 (you can't take the 1st class too many times). Brent got to work with him in both classes and we took lots of photos!

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