Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, John & thanks for going to St Georges Square with Hardy and me to celebrate!

Happy birthday, John, and thanks for going to St Georges Square with me and Hardy to celebrate by doing a little socialization! We took Hardy to the center of Guelph where there are usually many people walking around, buses and cars going by etc. We parked down the street from the square and Hardy walked next to my power chair the entire way. We stopped and asked people if they would help us train our puppy and everyone was more than willing. One woman spoke to him in French. I have no idea what she said but he absolutely adored it! We stopped by some tables and sat near all the buses that came in to pick up and drop off people. After a short stay, we headed back to the van ... again, Hardy walked the entire way. My only concern related to the trip was the number of cigarette butts on the ground and Hardy's interest in them. We had a talk about the dangers of smoking or eating cigarette butts and will continue to work on automatic leave it and floor Zen. Again, thanks and happy birthday, John!

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