Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're all home together again!

We got up at 6:00 and left the farm by 6:45. Sue and John were up very late last night so we didn't wake them before we left. Stacking the crates behind the driver's seat is working well for long trips but it is pretty difficult to get my car in and out of the van so we'll be looking for other options driving around town. There was very little traffic as we headed south out of Guelph which was great since we ran into construction on the QEW. There was one car in line in front of us at the border so we zipped through there. Shortly after getting on the New York State turnpike, I asked Brent to drive while I slept. He woke me about 20 minutes before we got to my mom and step-dad's house where we stopped for a short visit. Poor Laurel had to stay in her crate in the car (about which she complained bitterly and loudly) but Hardy got to come in and meet "Grandma" and "Grampa". He is a great little puppy but not perfect so he did jump up a couple times (although being careful not to touch the person). However, he didn't chase either of their cats, even though Callie was sitting in a chair in the sun room. Mostly he played with a couple toys on a rug in the living room or laid at my feet. He did say hello to my mom and Ron but not with the over-the-top enthusiasm Laurel showed as a puppy and they definitely appreciated his restraint! We headed home after about an hour and got in about 1:30. Although I planned to give both dogs baths (Hardy has been swimming in the swamp, after all), I fell asleep and didn't wake up for hours. Our cats have disappeared but I can feel their disapproval regarding the arrival of the big brown puppy - in their opinions, one yellow Lab is more than enough.

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