Friday, September 24, 2010

Laurel spent her down time thinking and Hardy had a great public access outing!

After getting the go-ahead yesterday to start doing some light exercise with Laurel, this morning we went downstairs to our matted area to do some work. Laurel was thrilled to be doing something with me and did some great heeling! We did some recalls and then tried out several different things - drop on recall, directed jumping (over a 4 inch jump), signals at a distance etc. Laurel seems to have been thinking about all those exercises while she was resting since she's never done them better!
Then, we took Hardy to visit my favorite doctor. Laurel's always been welcome at his office (and everyone asks when I don't bring her) so I didn't anticipate any problems and there weren't any. Hardy was his usual friendly (but not overly so) self and handled himself with a lovely professionalism for someone so young. Unfortunately, I found out that I have some sort of "major infection" - which is why I feel so crappy so after the appointment, we went to the store with Hardy to pick up my prescription. Again, he acted like he'd been doing it forever. After that, we went home and haven't been doing much since.

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