Friday, September 10, 2010

Our first Levels class is a success and we visit Dr. Neal!

Yesterday I taught my first Levels class at Canine Affair Center! Two people who had signed up didn't show so we might be able to bring a couple people in from the wait list. I used Hardy as a demo dog for clicker training and he was super! Then when I put him in a crate to wait, he yelled at me so after giving him a warning, he got "too badded" out to the crate in my van. After class, I worked with him a bit and he generally remembered everything. We are still working on loose leash walking with my chair really hard since what he learned with John walking doesn't just transfer to the chair (something I learned from training Laurel - the puppy has to learn both skills). 
This afternoon, Laurel had an appointment with Dr. Neal. He checked her ruptured ligament and thought that it was healing nicely however, he wants her to rest for another two weeks. He doesn't think it is going to be a chronic injury and it shouldn't interfere with her ability to do her job or play dog sport games (like agility). Of course, the movement we want to avoid - having her pivot on that foot - is exactly what she does when she is playing with Hardy! However, she is being very good at self regulation and will put herself in her crate or lay on my bed instead of tearing around the house or yard with him. Dr. Neal looked at Hardy's eyes which are still goopy at times (and Laurel's are starting to be goopy some too) and gave us some antibiotic ointment to use with both. He also looked at an upper tooth behind one of Hardy's adult teeth - it is a baby tooth that is resisting coming out. He suggested we just leave it until it comes out on it's own. Hardy weighs 36.7 lbs now and seems to be growing nicely. 

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  1. You that is 16.65 kilos right? Just a little metric reminder.