Monday, September 20, 2010

Laurel and Hardy, my two little Wookiees!

We have been working on Hardy using his "indoor voice" when he is playing with Laurel ... it's worked pretty well, only now if you talk to me on the phone, you'll probably think I'm keeping Chewbacca and/or some of his Wookiee friends here. But, at least they're fairly quiet Wookiees!
Laurel is still allowing Hardy to chew on her ears and now he can fit an entire ear in his mouth - he gets this blissful look with his eyes half closed and just chews away. Apparently he is very careful since Laurel almost never objects.
Also, Laurel has a favorite spot - right next to me in bed; and now, apparently, Hardy has decided that is his favorite too. When Hardy lucks out and takes the spot, Laurel will use something to lure him away (dangling a toy in front of him or offering to play) until he gets up and moves, at which point, she will dive into that spot. 
On the other hand, Laurel is often very helpful with him. I have been working with him on naming his various toys (duck, pig, lamb, bunny, etc) so that he can bring me the one I ask for. To practice, I put several of the ones we have worked on together in a pile and ask Hardy to bring me a specific one. Laurel will watch our game for a bit and if Hardy doesn't get the toy, she will go over and point it out to him (by picking it up and dropping it) so that he can get it and bring it to me while she gets settled in her spot again.
Hardy has been to more new places recently - an outdoor crafts show, the library, the drugstore, Costco (walking, not sitting on my lap) and walking on the sidewalks through our neighborhood. He's done very well everywhere and I particularly appreciate that every couple steps, he looks up at me to check in. When we walk on the sidewalk, he also doesn't have any problems with the bumps or cracks which cause my chair to jump erratically or with metal grates or manhole covers.  
We also took a shower - to say that Hardy stinks would be an exaggeration but not by much. He smells ...... a lot! And he has a totally different smell than Laurel does and I'm trying to figure out what the difference is ... so far I haven't  been successful. Also, and I don't want to be indelicate here, he passes gas a lot. We switched from puppy food recently and I'm wondering if that is the cause .... and will it go away? Thoughts, anyone?


  1. On Wednesday's I work from home. One conference call is at 10:00 am just when the 'boys' are just ramping up into full play mode.

    Linda regularly has to usher them outside to allow me to even begin to hear. On a positive note, some of my co-workers get a vicarious dog fix from the noise. One woman really wants a dog, but her mother feels dogs are an impediment to grandchildren.

  2. You are likely smelling BOY DOG smell. And I would stay with puppy food till he is completely grown out-he didn't have gas here so I am suspect that the food change is the cause of the issue.

  3. Yep. It's likely he's not used to that rich, salt-laden American food. (^_~)