Thursday, September 2, 2010

We leave for Canada tomorrow morning for a visit and to bring Hardy home!

I just received an update about how Hardy's doing this week. According to Sue, he is still himself - generally biddable, willing to work and likes the girls (when did that happen? Oh, right, he is a teenager now). It's been hot up there too so they haven't been working as much on loose leash walking as they might have otherwise but they have been working on his ability to take turns. He gets annoyed when it's not his turn, but he is getting it. And although he is absolutely getting the idea of keeping the leash loose, he has started beginning each training session by checking out the rule sequence again to make sure they STILL want a loose leash. Sue thinks he will benefit from having my undivided attention when he gets home. And that's just what worries Laurel - that Hardy will have my undivided attention. Nope, both Laurel and Hardy will have to take their turns at our house too! 
When we were in Canada this summer, Laurel did very well allergy-wise, even though we lived on a farm surrounded by grasses, weeds and trees. Since dogs' allergies tend to be cumulative, I guess the difference was that they were different grasses, weeds and trees. Of course, now that we're home, it's the worst time for Laurel's allergies; it's been very dry and very, very hot. So, we haven't been doing much of anything - I don't want her to get hot which just makes her itchier. This summer has been a huge improvement over last summer and hopefully, with the allergy shots, she'll continue to improve. Still, we're anxious for the first frost to occur!
Hopefully, both Laurel and Hardy will be pleasantly surprised to see each other tomorrow and equally happy when they realize that Hardy is coming home with us Monday!

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