Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd Levels Class & Hardy continues to work on politely waiting for his turn

Tonight was my second Levels Class at Canine Affair. It went very well - our first team earned their red bandanna (Yea, Kay & Tia!) I saw some lovely improvement in our other teams as well! I brought Hardy to use for demos again and he also needs to continue to work on having to wait for his turn. He particularly doesn't think it's fair when I am working with another dog, especially if I'm giving treats! Mary was terrific in being willing to treat him for good (quiet) behavior and next week, I'm planning to bring him a treat toy to work on while he's waiting in the crate. He does fine when he is in the crate in the van but he tends to complain when he is in one in the training hall. Obviously, this is something we need to continue to work on. On the other hand, he did some truly lovely loose leash walking with nice eye contact (checking in every couple steps). I'm incredibly proud of my big brown puppy! 
I know this blog is about my experience raising Hardy but I need to include a couple brags about my goofy yellow girl, Laurel! First, she is doing a great job taking it easy while her ruptured ligament heals! I really didn't expect that so, you go, Laurel! But my big brag concerns her diabetes alert - whenever I have one of my gamma globulin infusions (every 3 weeks), my blood sugar goes very high (one of the IV bags I get is glucose so go figure ...). I had an infusion yesterday and when I got home, Laurel went searching for the toy she brings me to alert to high or low blood sugar. She couldn't find it so she jumped up on the bed with me and went back to licking me around my mouth (which was her natural alert that I untrained before I found out I had steroid-induced diabetes). I'm very proud of her ability and persistence to give me an alert even though I had inadvertently hidden the toy under the box of Kleenex.


  1. " I'm very proud of her ability and persistence..."

    Yeah Laurel!!! Dogs are so much smarter than folks give them credit for.

  2. Well done Kay and Tia!

    Linda, I would try a treat n train in Hardy's crate instead of a pooch pacifier-I find that you are better off treating this operantly and moving to the truck if necessary.

    Glad to hear about the alert and that you are having a good time teaching!