Thursday, June 10, 2010

We found a puppy - the adventure begins!

Things didn't go exactly as planned with the puppy testing but I'm wondering why I thought it would! We arrived at the breeders on schedule and found the litter of 6 1/2 week old puppies waiting for us. A friend of mine, Susan, met us there to help with the temperament testing and video taping. We tested the five puppies and found one that I liked but since he would have been Laurel all over again, we passed him by. There were two puppies that Sue thought might work out for me but we didn't find the perfect puppy we were looking for. Sue noticed that there was an entire litter of older chocolate puppies lounging in the yard and asked about them. According to Donna, although she had people waiting for the puppies, she hadn't promised any individuals yet because it was the dam's last litter and she was waiting until she picked her puppy. Sue asked me what I had against chocolates and I responded that it was that they were chocolate... I wanted yellow. Since I couldn't come up with a good reason to not look at a chocolate, Sue asked Donna if she could test the litter and Donna said that she could. There were seven puppies in this litter and by the middle of the 6th puppy's testing, I was pretty sure that I was looking at my puppy. I found myself tearing up and then Sue looked up and asked me what I thought ... that she thought this might be my puppy. She could see that I agreed so she finished the test and then scored it to make sure. When she was done, Sue told me that she didn't need to look at any other puppies because she couldn't find one more perfect than this little boy. Donna was really lovely - she came out of her house and saw the puppy sitting on my lap and asked if I had found my puppy? She didn't tell me she needed to see whether she wanted to keep him, she just confirmed that he was mine. 
Then, since the puppies were 8 weeks old, she asked if I wanted to take him home with me. Obviously, that wasn't the plan but it seemed silly not to take him since he was ready. Donna microchipped him and got all his paperwork together while we visited with his father, London. We didn't get to see his mother, Scout since she was out doing obedience and junior handling with Donna's niece (I think). I have to admit that London was an absolutely magnificent dog and had a lovely temperament and personality.
Then, since Sue's flight was leaving at 6:00, we had to race home to get her to the airport on time! And, Hardy (short for Ridgeview's Hard Day's Night) rode home on Sue's lap with us.

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