Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And, now back to Cleveland!

The Open House went great! Laurel and I had fun doing some agility and Hardy got to participate in a puppy play demonstration. Plus, at lunch I was doing some training with him in the puppy room which attracted a crowd so we had some distractions. Hardy did great and got to meet all sorts of people and friendly dogs. He is definitely proving to be different from Laurel in all the ways we'd hoped he would - he shows lovely natural self control and although he likes people and other dogs, he isn't as hugely enthusiastic about it as Laurel is. 
Then the next day, Sunday, Laurel and I had to drive back to Cleveland. Every three weeks, I get an infusion of gamma globulin to treat an immune deficiency. Although we had it set up in Guelph to perform the treatment there, my insurance company wouldn't pay for it so I had to drive home. The nice thing is that we got to spend a bit of time with Brent. I did the infusion Monday morning and we drove back to Guelph yesterday. Hardy stayed in Canada with Sue and John to continue doing puppy things. We are hoping that having him spend some time away from me will help prevent separation anxiety which can be a big problem for owner-trained service dogs.
I know its good to be back with him again!
Laurel gave us a bit of a scare when we got back to Guelph yesterday. Shortly after we arrived back to the farm, she started vomiting. And, yes, she's a Lab so she has gotten into things before and vomited once or even a couple times. Yesterday afternoon and evening, she vomited lots and lots and it smelled really awful! I took Hardy to puppy class but I was worried about Laurel the entire time so when I got home, Sue and I took another late night trip to the emergency vet. The doctor who had saved Eco's life saw Laurel too. She suggested that we do some x-rays to make sure there wasn't an obstruction. Thankfully there wasn't so she gave Laurel a shot for nausea and sent us home with instructions to watch her overnight and feed her in the morning. The doctor thought she might have something akin to food poisoning in people. Thankfully, she was back to normal and ready to go. 
Besides doing our Training Levels class today, Laurel and I attended a K9 Helpers Service Dog Club meeting! Thanks for inviting us! I loved doing the "hits" and "misses" for the week!
And tomorrow is Canada Day!

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