Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are we leaving for Canada on Tuesday? no Wednesday? no Thursday ? no Friday? maybe!?!

Well, we had originally hoped to drive up to Canada Tuesday (the 15th) but found out that the earliest the Cleveland Clinic Pain Center could reschedule my pump refill was Tuesday morning. Then, I thought I should stay to teach my class last evening and we would go today. But if we're waiting until Thursday, we might as well wait until tomorrow (Friday) when Brent can drive up with us and help me get settled. Sue sent me a photo of my room - it was absolutely full of boxes so I'm hoping it's a joke but just in case it isn't, Brent will be a big help!
This week, I've started naming the different behaviors - sit, down, stand and touch. I've never started deliberately training a puppy so young and this is so much fun! You can literally see Hardy figure out what I'm asking and he enjoys his training meals as much as I do!

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