Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow! The Puddly Came Through Again!

It snowed a bit yesterday but unfortunately because the snow melted last week, it rained and then it froze, the snow is covering a sheet of ice. I took Hardy with me to my Levels class last night to use him as a demo for the new people. Just before class, I took him out to potty and when I took a couple steps on the grass to clean up after him, I slipped and fell. We went inside and a few minutes later, he started alerting by nose touching my hand repeatedly and/or nose touching my legs (depending on what he could reach). He was so persistent that it was impossible to ignore and when I put him in a crate so that I could go out and get my meds out of my purse, he screamed, which is unheard of behavior. I took the meds in front of him and then used him for the demo and put him in the crate where he rested comfortably (and quietly) for the rest of the class. 
I have been doing well recently and Hardy hasn't had the opportunity to alert on his own for several months so I was concerned about whether he would remember. Obviously he does and handled it beautifully! A few minutes before class ended, I started having muscle spasms in both legs and my low back - so his alert was accurate and predictive. 
I'm also proud of both my Labs today. I'm still having spasms since I obviously annoyed my back when I slipped. I've been hanging out in bed and Laurel was laying across my legs all morning. This afternoon, she put herself in her crate and Hardy came up to lay with me - snuggling and laying across my legs. They have gone back and forth multiple times and are obviously taking turns (although right now since Brent is here with me, they are next to me chewing on each other). I'm really marveling at my two Labs - this is what I was hoping for but is certainly much more than I realistically expected!

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  1. I have just found your blog today through the rally vidio link you left on the rally group page. I have chronic pain due to spinal compression/muscle spasm/nerve damage ect. I have physical limitations. The fact that your dogs can tell when the spasms are coming is so amazing. I'm in awh of this. Something must be happening biochemically in the body.

    I can understand the alerting for high blood sugar, as breath is affected. I got a puppy also hoping to train it for a service dog. MISTAKE! I'm overwhelmed. He's 14 months now. I have no training support and have attempted to figure this out on my own with books. I did try to go to "classes" at the closest training center which is an hour away. (My husband drives me, as if I drive the pain gets overwhelming and will last for days, just the trip itself could do that). I found most of the "trainers" knew less than I did. That was and is frustrating.

    Just wanted you to know, I am in awe, and, I feel like I'm not alone.