Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Had a Wonderful Vacation at Ridge View Labradors!

Brent and I went to visit our son, Devin and his boyfriend, Anthony, this weekend in New York City. Originally, we were going to fly and had planned to leave Laurel & Hardy at his breeder, Donna's place in Huntsburg (that's why we had them spend an overnight there last weekend). We decided to drive but due to my problem with separation anxiety, we stuck with our plan to let Laurel and Hardy stay at Ridge View Labradors. 
It was a really good thing that we did the "try out" last weekend because I was able to drop my Labs off Friday morning and head to New York without worrying about them. Huntsburg is east of us so we got up a bit earlier than we normally would have when driving to NYC to drop them off on our way.  When we let Laurel and Hardy out of the van, they both ran to the front door and when Donna opened it, they ran right in like they were at home!  We left their crates with them, took their meals in individual bags, sent along some treats for all the dogs to share as well as a paper with our contact information, veterinarian info etc. While we were still there, both Labs were very comfortable and happy ... when we headed to the door, Laurel attempted to leave with us. 
It's been a long time since we traveled without at least one dog and although we missed having the dogs with us, it was really easy doing the trip by ourselves! We stopped and had a sit-down lunch (something we don't ever do when taking a long drive) and still arrived in Brooklyn in plenty of time to find a parking spot, unpack, settle in and still get to Lincoln Center in time for the New York City Ballet's performance at 8:00 pm. 
Because I felt so comfortable with having the Labs at Donna's, I have to admit that it was Saturday evening after we returned from another NYC Ballet performance before I stopped and thought about how Laurel and Hardy were doing. I didn't feel compelled to call because I knew Donna would have contacted us if there were any problems. We had a lovely relaxed Sunday and it was terrific getting to be with Devin on Mother's Day (first time in years and years)! Monday morning, we left at 6:30 am in an attempt to miss congestion at a couple construction areas we had seen on Friday. That allowed us to get to Ridge View Labradors at about 2:00. When we arrived, Laurel and Hardy were in the house with about 8 other Labs and Donna. They were happy to see us but then so were all the other dogs! 
Donna said that they had been very good, got along beautifully with all the other dogs (about 17 Labs and 3 Mastiffs) and settled in nicely. She said that Laurel was pretty "licky" and clingy Friday but that by Saturday, she had settled down and was enjoying herself. She slept every night with Donna (which no doubt helped her feel at home). Hardy settled right in and became best friends with a female Mastiff about his age! At first, Hardy was uncertain about going upstairs (which aren't carpeted) so he stayed at the bottom crying. Donna ignored him and soon enough, he joined everyone else upstairs. Once he got used to the stairs, he ran up and down just like everyone else. Our Labs also got to spend time out in the yard with Donna which they really enjoyed! 
We have no doubt that Laurel and Hardy really enjoyed their time at Ridge View Labradors and it also seems that they had a nice vacation where they didn't work and Laurel didn't worry. They were happy to leave with us and we're all glad to be back together but I promised that we'd send them out there every couple months for a nice weekend. That way they've have some vacation time and hopefully, we'll all avoid separation anxiety! 
Thank you, Donna, for taking such good care of our Labs!
Hardy & Maggie, happy to be sleeping together again!

Everybody happy together again!

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